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Firm Philosophy

Welch, Roberts, Amburn & Hutto, LLC recognizes that, even for corporate clients, the real client is the owner of the business. We view our services to businesses as directly serving the needs of the companies' owners. Our goal of helping the company improve its position also helps the business owners improve their personal financial positions.


Having precise financial information is more important than ever for business owners. Interpreting this data properly makes a dramatic difference in a company's level of success. At Welch, Roberts, Amburn & Hutto, LLC, we help business owners obtain quality information and use it well to achieve their business and personal financial goals.

We have clearly defined the type of client we can best serve - those with limited financial and managerial resources. We help maximize a client's existing capabilities by participating in an ongoing advisory cap
acity in both business and personal financial areas. Usually, once reporting systems are properly functioning, we encourage clients to generate more information internally. As a result, company management always has access to the data they need to evaluate and act on the day-to-day and long-term demands of their business. 


Although we teach clients how to gather meaningful information, we consider this historical data merely a starting point for evaluating future needs. As the relationship with our client develops, we identify opportunities to improve operations and furnish management with reports and recommendations to increase profitability. We also recognize that - for most of our clients - the owner's personal financial security depends on the success of the business. To maximize after-tax dollars, we emphasize tax planning by balancing the corporate and individual needs of the owners.


We want our clients to achieve three goals:  





The financial success of their business supports most clients' current lifestyle. Accordingly, we first emphasize a financially prosperous business. A secure retirement comes from wise financial planning throughout a person's business life. Accordingly, we next stress the need for each client to do appropriate retirement planning. Passing accumulated wealth to the next generation with a minimum tax bite only comes from sound tax and estate planning and appropriate wealth-protection mechanisms to insulate their net worth from frivolous or unfounded lawsuits. So we also encourage our clients to take appropriate steps to insulate their accumulated wealth from the grasp of both their own government and from perils of unwarranted litigation.


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